(Guide) How to Create Hopedot VOS Virtual Operating System

Introduction: (Guide) How to Create Hopedot VOS Virtual Operating System

Hopedot VOS is a virtualization software that enables users to run a virtual operating system similar to Windows directly on any removable storage device. Using Hopedot VOS, you can take your familiar PC environment with applications, private data, and even desktop preference to any PC anywhere without compromising the data security policy.

Key features:
1)Easy-to-use Windows-OS-like interface
2)Take the contents of your PC with you on a USB drive or other storage devices
3)Access your data, applications, and even desktop using any Windows computer
4) Portable workspace from office to home, airports, hotels, clients’ meeting rooms
5)Won’t leave any trace of your activity on a public PC or laptop.
6)Install full applications in VOS system and not just limited to portable applications

Hopedot VOS solutions can be widely used to create portable workspace, to prevent information leakage, to enhance data security, to improve productivity, to enforce IT management, to facilitate disaster recovery and to save company expenditures on laptops etc.

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