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Introduction: Guide to Instructables

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Since I use my iPad to create instructables, I got the new update and a new look that was very confusing at first. Then I did a little exploring and found out that it wasn't all that confusing anymore. So in this instructables, I will show you how to navigate your way around instructables.

Step 1: Home Page

This is the new home page. It will pop up every time you get on instructables. Not this exact home page, though

Step 2: Explore, Featured, and You

There are three main features on instructables' home page. They are the Explore All section, the Featured section, and the three lines in the top right corner. Each links to different categories.

Step 3: You Column

When you press the three lines in the top right corner, you will get a few different options. You can create a new instructables, view who you are following, view your profile, and even take a look at the different contests.

Step 4: Featured Button

When you click this button, you will get three options: Featured, Popular, and Recent. Each is true to its name, so there's nothing that fancy about it.

Step 5: Explore All Button

When you press the Explore All button, many categories will pop up:


These categories each branch off into different sections, so it makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Step 6: How to Search

To search for certain key words, click on the button in the top right corner that has three lines. There is a search bar there located at the top. It is circled in the picture.

Step 7: Your Profile

Your profile has many shortcuts and options. For example, you can check out your favorite instructables in the "Favorites" section. In the picture, I have some of those shortcuts.

Step 8: How to Change Your Profile Info

To change your profile info, press the edit button next to your profile picture. It's circled in the picture. From there you can edit your profile message, picture, age, location, and gender. Make sure you press the save button, too.

Step 9:

Step 10: How to Comment, Favorite, Flag, and Share

Once you get to the instructables you were searching for, you have some choices: you can share it, comment on it, favorite it, and flag it. To do this, when you get to the front cover of the instructables you want, click on either the heart icon, the megaphone icon, or the speech bubble icon. They will take you to the little squares shown in the pictures,

Step 11: Enjoying Instructables

What's great about getting the mobile instructables app is that you can use it in many places. It does require wifi, but that's okay because wifi is located in many places. The great part about this new update is that it's faster and more modern looking. But it does take longer to publish. Thanks for viewing and good luck! =)

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What's the intention of the flag icon, near top right on each article?

    On most sites, flagging means reporting a violation. Since that icon isn't explained or even labelled, I've avoided pressing it, in case that's what it does.

    I detest unlabelled icons. There ought to be a law... Someone should at least put some balloon text on it, that pops up when I hover the mouse over it - if that's meant to happen, it doesn't, at least not for me.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Clicking it reveals a menu of choices for reporting various issues, just as you suspected.