Guide on How To: Switch the Old Graphics Card and Install a New One

Introduction: Guide on How To: Switch the Old Graphics Card and Install a New One

This guide will help you to switch out the old graphics card with a new one. This is my first instructable, so feel free to comment.

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Step 1: Opening the Computer

The first step to switching the graphics card is to open up the computer case. Unplug all cables and ensure that the computer is switched off. Then unscrew the screws that hold the side panels in place. Some case models do not feature a different method of opening the case; consult the handbook sent with the computer case to find the correct way to open up the case. Once the side panel is removed, continue with the next step: Removing the old graphics card.

Step 2: Removing the Graphics Card

Removing the graphics card is a relatively simple task. First, remove the PCI-E power cable from the card. Then continue with unscrewing the screws that keep the graphics card attached to the case. Keep these screws for later use and then continue by releasing the plastic retention switch as shown in this picture. (Insert appropriate picture here). Note that the type of retention switch differs from model to model and then gently pull the graphics card out.

Step 3: Inserting the New Graphics Card

This step will guide you how to install the new graphics card. Align the Graphics card with the PCI-E slot on the motherboard. Then, insert it into the slot and press gently on it until the card is completely inserted in the slot. Then, use the screws from step #2 and screw the card to the computer case. Then flip the retention switch back to the original position. These are measures to ensure that the graphics card does not fall out of the PCI slot and ultimately damaging the card during transport. The final step of this process is to close the computer case again. Slide the side panel back on and screw the screws from step 1 back into place. This concludes step 3 and the next step will be the installation of the drivers needed for the new graphics card.

Step 4: Installing the Drivers

Plug back in all of the cables which were taken out during step 1 and switch the computer on. Assuming you are using windows, log in to the administrator account or ask your local administrator to log in on the administrator account. Next, download the latest drivers from the official website of the graphics card manufacturer. Make sure to find and download the correct driver for your specific graphics card series. In this case, the driver is AMD HD 6xxx series. Find and execute the setup.exe file and this file will ask for the administrator password. After you have followed the install wizard and installed the drivers, restart the computer. At this point, you are done with installing the new graphics card.

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