Guide to CISS Printers

Introduction: Guide to CISS Printers

A list of available continuous ink supply systems and compatible printers.

Step 1: What Is CISS

By using external tanks connected to compatible cartridges you will never have to buy original ink cartridges again.
I equipped my 6 color HP printer with a CIS system about 10 years ago and it is still working perfectly.

Step 2: Economics

To compare the cost I'll take my own 6 colour printer as an example.

Original cartridges are 6ml each. A pack of 6 costs ~44€.

That's 1222€ a litre.

My CISS tanks hold 90ml each. A set of 6 100ml bottles of compatible ink is under 10€+free shipping....under 17€ if you buy 12 bottles (1.2l !!) at once.

Cost might differ if you buy somewhere else or pay for shipping but the litre will cost no more than 14-20€

Ad to that the cost of the CIS system and you are just a little over the price of one refill.

My CISS did cost around 30€ back in 2004/2005.

I am on my 3rd refill today and quite happy with my roughly 3000€ in savings.

Step 3: What Are You Looking For?

Not all printers can be retrofit with external tanks. Some just don't have the space for tubes inside.
For most printers that can be retrofit there are ready made CIS systems available.
I will list all systems I found and the matching printers below...just jump if you only want the list.

Printer cartridges are often equipped with chips that tell the printer how much ink is left. In fact they always leave ink in the cartridge so that the printing head doesn't run dry. You always throw away ink with cartridges!!!!
You have to trick the printer in believing there is always ink available when using a CIS system.
This is done with "auto reset chips" which usually come with the new cartridges. Make sure your system is equipped with ARCs and that you can return it if the chips do not work as advertised.
The first CISS I ordered didn't work at all....only got lucky on my second order.

Some printers do not use chips and some even come with external ink tanks...well, only some BROTHER printers do but they are not available everywhere. Some BROTHER printers also got huge refillable ink cartridges.

Step 4: How To.

Now that you got your CISS just pop in the new cartridges and connect the tubes to the external tanks. Have the tanks about level with the cartridges, you don't want to make it to hard for the printer so suck in more ink.
Don't place the tanks in the sun or the ink will dry and maybe clog your printer head.

There are hundreds of youtube videos available of how to install a CISS system.

Step 5: A Note on Refilling.

The inks come with gloves and syringes.
Use the gloves! Use a new syringe for every colour. Wash the syringes after use and let them dry completely before reusing them (you just put in 90ml anyways...).

Step 6: Disclaimer

Installing and using a CIS System will probably void any guarantee. Your printer head might get damaged by using wrong ink. (Which is less likely than with refilling cartridges with sponges inside though. You always damage the sponge with the syringe and parts of it will most likely kill the printer head in a short time.)
The best idea probably is to find someone successfully using a CISS and asking where he did buy the CISS, ARCs and inks.

Step 7: The List.

I compiled a list of all available CISS systems and available printers some month ago for a friend.

He was specifically looking for printer/scanner combos but I also list all other compatible printers to each CISS.

Some links might not work any more. Please just leave a comment if some link is dead and I might fix it or remove the link.
The CIS systems are all available from Ebay or AliExpress which I find has a good return policy (or you just keep the faulty thing and get any case you most likely don't have to pay for fraudulent or not working goods...there is also an easy way to get free 8GB microSD cards from fraudulent buyers but thats another topic...)

Note that most CISS (especially from AliExpress) come without ink!!

Ciss mit auto resetter Chips









HP CISS mit auto resetter Chips


HP Photosmart 5520

Deskjet 3070A

Deskjet 3520 e-All-In-One

BROTHER CISS (No chips, tubeless system...just big tanks)


MFC-J6520DW (A3 Printer/Scanner!)

MFC-J6720DW (A3)

MFC-J6920DW (A3...teuerster...)

MFC-J470DW (für den gibt es auch ein CISS mit autoresetter Chip...muss man noch schaun ob der mit dem Chiplosen wirklich kompatibel ist.)


DCP-J752DW (chip?)


A BROTHER system with chip

EPSON CISS (5 colours with auto reset chip)








The cheapest CISS I found...


CISS with ink

without ink

for EPSON XP225

Cheapest A3 solution

CISS LC233 for BROTHER DCP-J4120DW MFC-J4620DW MFC-J5320DW MFC-J5720DW DCP J4120DW MFC J4620DW J5320DW J5720DW printers with chip (without ink)

Here is another Epson CISS for the WF series.

You might find CIS systems for any other printer not listed here (mostly combo printer/scanner) by just searching for your model+CIS(S) via AliExpress or search machine.



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