Guide to Good Starter Electronic Kits

Hello, People from Instructables.

Besides basic electronic and children playing with electronic have you ever wanted to play with the old fashion electronic kits with wires and components?

You can get started with the Elenco or Radioshack 50 in 1, 60 in 1 130 in 1, 150 in 1 , 160 in 1 and the 200 in 1. If you want kits with Logic and IC than get the 130 or 200. You can also get Elenco 75 in 1. Although I had electronic kits from E-bay I had an issue with some of them -- 200 in 1 and antique 60 in 1. One was defective and the other broke down in 1 month. Poor quality.

I recommend Amazon or a place where they allow for Reviews. eBay does not do this. You can also get Radio kits like this. Pic below. This is a 1991 Very High-Frequency FM and AM Radio. I add a Speaker (Cpu speaker) 10 bucks on eBay to amplify the sound and it quite impressive.

In fact, a CPU speaker that plugs in as an amplifier for Radio projects is a good idea!

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Step 1: Do I Recommend SNAP From Elenco?

Not really I have to be critical even tho the parts can be replaced they are poorly designed (Sorry Elenco) i gave them after 1 year of falling apart on me and ordering replacement parts 2.5 out of 5.0. Not a really good design.

The book and kit were way too big compared to a small kit making it prone to dropping and getting damaged. Also the books did not explain things well for young people at all.

My advice stick with the spring types electronic kits.

Step 2: Follow the Manual of Each Kit Carefully.

To understand it becomes simple with the first ones and then more complex wire each wire according to here an example from the 130 in 1 which in my opinion is really well worded.

They both do a very well job explaining timers, pulsers, radio, Amplifiers, flashers, and devices that oscillate in my opinion. The 200 in 1 from Amazon is more detailed and sturdier but focus on more counter and logic circuits while the 130 has more amplifiers and Radio Projects.

Last is the antique 160 in 1. Mine worked but some parts did not work. It used so even buying it at E bay there is a gamble parts will not work. You may lose 100 dollars CAN on it is a gamble.

Just remember these kits are not recommended without training or kids below age 10-12. Follow the age group to prevent damage to the kit.

Step 3: A Word About the 300 in 1 From Elenco.

I not trying nitpick Elenco but it sounded like a good idea. If you're organized and good with precision that may be the most advanced beside the Elenco 500 in 1. It on E bay is 150 dollars CAN. It focuses on more logic circuits. 7 types exist.

Sorry the info on the manual is copyright protected so I can give you a link.

It a decent product tho.

Step 4: Conclusion on Electronic Kits.

The Radioshack or Elenco are really good kits altho you may buy snaps if you want I don't recommend it due to obvious reasons and the fact that parts are used. Electrical kits can be a good starting point into electronics.

Happy playing around with electronics.



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