Guide to Making Box Cupcakes for College Students

Introduction: Guide to Making Box Cupcakes for College Students

The goal of this task is to create the perfect batch of cupcakes while minimizing stress, cost, and time for college students on a tight budget. No special skills are required, you just need to be able to measure, and read and follow instructions.

Time to Complete: 1 hr 25 min (Without shopping time)

Cost: Around $10 to $15

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Step 1: Necessary Materials

· Cupcake Mix- of your own choosing

· Paper Baking Cups- amount determined on your chosen cupcake mix box

· Cupcake Pan- Possible sizes will be specified on box

· Ingredients on Cupcake Mix Box. May include:

o Water

o Oil

o Eggs

--- Amounts will be specified on box. ---

· Frosting- of your own choosing and only one regular sized container will be needed

· Cooling Rack- a regular wire cooling rack should be fine

· 13 Qt. Mixing Bowl

· 1 Cooking Spoon

· 1 Rubber Spoon or Knife

· Functional Oven

· Functional Hand-Held Mixer

· 2 Oven Mitts

· 1 Liquid Measuring Cup- size of 1 cup

· Toothpicks

Warning: Ovens will be hot, so be careful to use oven mitts to avoid burns.

Warning: Do not eat the paper baking cups. After baking, the paper baking cups may be fused to the cupcake so be sure to peel them off before consuming the cupcake.

Step 2: Instructional Steps

Instructional Steps:

1. Go to a grocery store.

*Note: Safeway or Walmart would be the best place to go to find the ingredients you need.

2. Pick out a box of cupcake mix.

*Note: This will be found in the baking section, under the signs that point to cake mixes. There are a variety of types of regular cake mixes but using specific cupcake mixes would be the easiest to use.

3. Select the type of frosting that you desire.

*Note: This will be found near the area where you had found the cupcake mix.

4. Check the cupcake mix box for any necessary ingredients.

*Note: This will be found on either the back or side of the box.

5. Buy any other necessary ingredients or materials that you do not already have.

6. Bring ingredients to a functional kitchen that has all necessary materials.

*Note: To be reminded of the materials needed, please see list above.

7. Follow baking instructions on the box.

7.1.Preheat oven to temperature specified on cupcake mix box.

7.2.Place one paper baking cup into each hole of the cupcake pan.

Step 3: Instructional Steps Cont.

7.3. Take out a large-sized mixing bowl.

7.4. Combine the specified amount of cake mix, water, oil, and eggs into the large bowl.

*Note: Eggs should be raw, and added with no shell.

7.5. Mix ingredients until moistened.

7.6. Mix the batter with a
hand-held mixture for 2 minutes.

7.7. Pour equal amounts of batter into each paper baking cup.

7.8. Place pan into heated oven, on the rack that is closest to the middle of the oven.

7.9. Bake for specified amount of time.

*Note: There may be different amount of times specified based on the type of pan that you use.

Step 4: Toothpick Test

7.10. Check to see if cupcakes are done by inserting toothpick into one of the cupcakes. If it comes out clean, the cupcakes are done baking.

*Note: If there is batter on toothpick when taken out, then place the cupcakes back into oven for 5 minutes before checking again.

7.11. Take the pan out of oven
using oven mitts when the cupcakes are ready.

8. Let the cupcakes cool in the pan for 10 to 15 minutes.

9. Take cupcakes out of pan and onto the cooling rack.

Step 5: Frosting the Final Product

10. Spread the frosting on to the top of the cupcake using a rubber spoon or a knife.

11. Enjoy!

Step 6: Conclusion

After following all of the instructions, you should have a final product of a batch of freshly baked cupcakes ready to eat. While enjoying them for yourself, you can also share them with other college students who are missing their own home cooked meals. If you don’t have a cupcake pan you can use any type of pan. The shape will vary depending on how you arrange the paper baking cups in the pan, but they will still taste the same regardless!

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    3 years ago

    I love easy to make cupcakes! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your first instructable!