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Introduction: Guide to Self Publishing (Through Amazon)

Hello and welcome. This guide exists to help you find your way around the intimidating realm of self publishing, especially if you are still in High School. I hope this will help you unleash your creative work into the world in a smooth, and easy manner.

Step 1: Introducing, the KDP

The KDP or Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to take your user created work, and publish it to the amazon store. Assuming you already have an Amazon account, head over to this website:

Sign in as you would normally and you should see a screen that looks like the image above

If you see the alert in the top right corner stating that you have not completed your account information, that's a problem; proceed to step 2.

If not, go ahead and skip to step 4.

Step 2: Completing Your Account Pt. 1

First of all, go ahead and click the "Update Now" link inside of the alert mentioned in step 1. Now you should see a list of information boxes like the image above. The first section most of you will have already filled out. If so, skip to the next step.

Now, most of this is self explanatory. If you have issues filling out this information, its a safe bet you are of a younger audience, which means you probably also have Guardians who can help you fill out this section. Go ahead and do that, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Completing Your Account Pt. 2

This next section gets a little more complicated, but isn't much of a big deal.

This is where you decide how you're royalties are going to be paid. The options differ from region to region due to different currencies that are used around the world. Just look through them all carefully, and make sure you use your local currency wherever applicable.

You can also choose what form the royalties will be paid in. I'd recommend using the default (check) unless you have a good reason otherwise.

Step 4: Begin the Publishing!

Now that you've finished filling out your account information, you can start filling out even more information! But this info is far more exciting; its everything to do with your actual book.

You should see the same exact screen from step 1, but now there isn't a pesky alert keeping you from publishing your work.

Go ahead an click the big yellow "Start Your Title Now" Button in the center of the screen, and proceed to step 5.

Step 5: KDP Select, and Basic Info

Amazon offers you to opt into a program called KDP Select. Opting into KDP Select will limit your work to only the Amazon Kindle, as opposed to any other form of Amazon access, such as their website. However, it does add quite a few benefits which are listed in the big blue box you see above. I personally opted out of KDP Select, as I didn't care to much for the benefits, and my content is still gonna reach Kindle devices regardless.

Moving on, the next section asks for all of the basic information about the book that should already be established. Title is self explanatory (and if you're anything like me, you had your heart set on one before you even started the book itself). Subtitle is generally for books in a series that have another title, such as; Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer's Stone, Or Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief. You can mark this book as part of a series, and if you do you have to state which volume it is, and the title of the series. For the description, include any information you would put on the back of an ink and paper book.

Chances are you can skip the publisher section entirely, and if you need to fill that in, you will already have the information needed.

Step 6: Information Pt. 2

"Book contributors" Is a section for labeling anyone who's worked on the book. This includes you, you have to mark yourself as a contributor. Also make sure to mark anyone else who helped make the book you are trying to publish, give credit people.

Language is self explanatory, and you can go ahead and ignore ISBN. If you don't already know what it is, you don't need to worry about it.

You can mark your work as Public Domain. This means anyone can take your work and use it. For anything. As examples, as templates, and even to claim it as their own. I'd recommend not making your work Public Domain unless you have a prior reason not to.

Amazon Also Provides a handy Age Range targeted audience system. You can mark a range of ages that your work will appeal to, and Amazon will prioritize that age group for advertising.

Step 7: Final Information

You will want to fill out Tags, or Keywords as Amazon labels them. These are words that apply to your book when someone is searching for something in the store. Amazon limits your keyword pool to 7, so choose wisely what terms best describe your book.

Next, you will want to choose when your book is published. You can either publish the book Immediately, or choose a date in the future that the book will be made available to the public. This will also allow users to preorder your book before its out.

Last but not least, you need to upload a cover. You can either use a high quality cover that you have made yourself, or you can use Amazon's handy little cover creator tool. Using that requires a guide of its own however, so I won't be going over how to make proper use of that. I prefer to just use a cover that I myself created either in Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop.

Now the actual final step is upload your actual book content file. For best quality, I'd recommend exporting whatever you created, whether it be a comic book, or a written novel, in PDF format. If you have no way of doing this, Amazon will still except nearly every kind of file under the sun.

I'd strongly recommend you look over your information one more time before proceeding, because this is it. After this, your book be available to the world via Amazon.

Step 8: Throw a Party!

This is it! You're now a published author on Amazon. You're creative genius is now available across the globe. Your inspired art is now immortalized in the Internet.

I hope this guide helped you achieve goals you've set for yourself, but didn't quite know how to complete them.

Expect to see my work, Warlock on the Amazon book store one June 21st of 2015, and I hope to see your work right there next to it.

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