Guild Chest

It's time to go see some Warcraft guildies in real life, so I thought I'd make a wee chest with our colors for the occasion. Maybe I'll give it away as a raffle prize or something.

  • Mostly made of scraps I had around, but I did go buy some basswood for the slats and antiqued hinges
  • Handles made from really wimpy silver-ish rings I got for a costume once. Decided against buying fancier eye screws; as usual with my crafts, failure is always an outcome and I didn't want to sink too much money
  • No-sew banner. I just masked it and heaped on acrylic paint before deciding to use spray paint. The fabric is left over from the cryptex I made some years ago
  • The emblem came out too fuzzy, but I think that's a combination of faults from too small a stencil on too small an area. Still, not bad for practically free



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    armored borecpetry1

    Reply 3 years ago

    I only meant to show it off. Like most of my projects, failure is always an option so I scarcely take in-progress photos.