Here is a step by step video slide show of the full-size Guillotine I've been working on for a couple of months now. It is not complete yet, I just got done with sanding and staining it and still need to set up the blade release line and the one to pull the blade back up with. It is about 13' tall and will have a working blade, made out of 16awg steel for demonstrations and while not in use, it'll have a Styrofoam blade on it so as to keep it from accidentally hurting anyone. The scanned pages close to the end are more or less the designs I went with after a few minor changes (including correcting my math on the last page since I used tan() instead of tan^-1() after having a brain fart!) I will update this entry if I'm allowed to later on once it is completed.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    The Guillotine, now completed was featured in Panama City's local newspaper, the News Herald. Find the link below if you're interested in the article and the video of me and my Guillotine!

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    If it isn't, the local PD apparently doesn't care enough to say anything about it! A number of them drove by looking at it as I was building it!