Introduction: Guitar

This is a really easy thing to make all u need is

A Box
A toothpick
A thumb tack
Rubber bands

Step 1:

cut a hole in the box on the top

Step 2:

tack the thumb tack and make a hole by the big hole

Step 3:

put a tooth pick in the hole and push down

Step 4:

put rubber band around the tooth pick

Step 5:

Make a hole on the other side and put the rubber band around that toothpick also

Step 6:

Then repeat the by makeing a hole with the thumb tack and the put in the toothpick and then put on the rubber band and keep repeat that

Step 7:

Then it should look like the picture above

Step 8:

Then on the sides of your guitar will be your drums

Step 9:

Then there u go and play it

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love me a good rubber band guitar! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!