Guitar Amp From Old Radio

Introduction: Guitar Amp From Old Radio


I have made this guitar amp out of an old but working radio ..

And its workin... ;)

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Step 1: Intro

I learnt playing guitar about a year ago , since then i was searching for some low cost amp for guitar but in India u cant get a low cost one , I dont knw why the hell they put a min price tag of RS 5K OR MORE on amps..

So i was trying to make something to wich I wioll connnect my guitar and that will be connected to my 2.1 sound system so I can play guitar without buying a n amp of high cost.

One day I found an instrauctables project on this site which was given by Lone soul surfer-

His model was doing well , so I decided to make one of my one which can be connected to any 2.1 music system which cant play the sound directly from a guitar.

I used ---

1. An old Philips Bahadur Radio -- It was battery operated , but now I play this using an old samsung mobile phone charger.

2. 1/4 Input for Guitar to which the output guitar chord can be inserted

3. wires

4. Microdrill to make holes

5. Soldering Iron

6. 3.5 mm audio jack -- I collected that from an old headphone .

Step 2: Open Up the Radio

If ur radio is functioning well then u just open up the radio and straight go to the circuit board where the volume controller is situated, that place is also known as the Volume Pot , here you may find 4 or 5 terminals which are coming out from the variable;e resistor.

Turn on the radio i.e power it.

Now you have the input port to 3which 6 mm STAAG SGC6 guitar cable can be inserted.

WIre and solder the two terminals of the port.

Here I am tagging the wire as no 01 and no 2

Now what u have to do is to connect and solder the No. 02 wire to the --Ve terminal on the battery box

Then connect the STAAG SGC6 guitar cable to the guitar as well as to the 6 mm input port , and hold the nO.o1 wire and touch and try the 4 or 5 terminals of the volume pot , and strum the guitar strings , When u can hear that the speaker is playing tyhe sounds out of it then mark the terminal over the volume pot and solder the no.01 wire there.

Step 3: Make an Output Cable

First cut the end of a 3.5 mm audio cable and connect two ends of the cable to the speakers ,

then connect the 3.5 mm cable to the input / adopter of any 2.1 speaker or any sound system .

And again strum the guitar , if all the wirings are done correctly u should hear the sounds of strumming coming out bof the speakers .

Step 4: Attach the Ports and Holes for Out Put Cord

Attach the 6mm input over the radio box . Place it where u find it most easy band comfy to place.

make another hole for the 3.5mm output.

Step 5: Now Connect to Guitar ,power Up and Play

Watch my video here

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    3 years ago

    This is a great reuse of materials :) I need to make one to use with the Washburn.

    The LoneRanger16
    The LoneRanger16

    Reply 3 years ago

    Definitely u can do it.. ☺