Guitar Amp and Accessories Storage (Ikea Hack)

Introduction: Guitar Amp and Accessories Storage (Ikea Hack)

My wife and son bought me a guitar and amp for my 40th, and besides looking a bit untidy and attracting dust sitting out in the open (see before pic) it was always a bit of a hassle getting the amp out and putting it away each time, as all the cables were stored in the back of the amp.
I did a bit of searching for DIY storage options and flight cases, and came across an idea on, where someone used a small EXPEDIT (now KALLAX) unit to store their amp and accessories.
A trip to Ikea revealed that the EXPEDIT (KALLAX) unit was way too big for my needs, and the shelves of the unit weren't readily adjustable to accommodate my amp and accessories.
As I have an Ikea BESTA TV / entertainment unit in my living room, I looked at that range and found just what I needed.

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Step 1: Components / Tools

Obviously this build is to suit my Fender Champion 40 amp (440 x 440 x 240 mm) but the theory can be applied for any size amp and unit.

This Ikea part numbers refer to the black/brown wood effect to match my TV/Entertainment unit.

For this build you will need the following:

BESTA frame 202.459.64 (640 x 600 x 400 mm)
BESTA shelf 402.955.28 (560 x 360 mm)
BESTA soft close hinges and push-opener pack 802.612.58
SINDVIK glass door with brown/black frame 002.963.13 (640 x 600 mm)
KALLAX set of castors 002.886.57

Flat blade screwdriver
Phillips/PoziDriv no. 2 screwdriver
4 of 8 x 30mm pan head bolts
Jigsaw with fine cut blade (I actually used one that is for cutting acrylic)
Drill with 10mm drill bit (I used a step drill, as it was what I had to hand at the time)

Step 2: Assemble the Unit

Assemble the unit as per the instructions, using the amp as a guide for the shelf height.

I needed to cut a hole in the backboard for the amp's power cable, so I roughly marked where it should be.
As the amp is open backed, and so as not to affect it's sound too much, I decided to cut a large hole in the backboard. (this was made easy by the fact the backboard comes with a central fold).

(cut the hole in the backboard before fitting the top of the unit)

Step 3: Fit the Castors

At this point I had already fitted the door, but it would probably make it a bit easier to do this bit without the door.

Turn the assembled unit upside-down and offer up the castors.
As the castors are for the KALLAX range of units, the mounting holes didn't quite line up, so I enlarged the holes to 10mm using a step drill, although any 10mm HSS or Cobalt drill bit will do.
(I thought I'd taken pictures of this step, but turns out I hadn't)
The castors also have 2 removable lugs for each pair, which are supposed to be screwed to the front and rear of the unit, but again, as they are designed for a KALLAX unit, they don't fit the BESTA unit and aren't needed anyway.

Mount the two pairs of castors.
The mounting bolts I used were from a TV wall mount (8 x 30 mm)

(apologies for the lack of pics for the door and castor fitting)

Step 4: Add Amp and Accessories; and You're Done!

I added a couple of felt A4 paper / letter trays that I bought from a local home furnishing store (Dunelm) to store accessories in (they currently house my effects pedals until my new pedal board is set up) and I also made a pick holder from some adhesive backed closed cell foam that was part of the packaging in a set of kitchen scales we have.

The unit makes setting the amp up for a quick jam a lot easier, as there's no fiddling about getting the cables in and out of the back of the amp; and my guitar can sit on top of it on its stand when not in use (or until the wife decides that it's making the place look untidy and needs to be put back in its case!)

At a later date, I hope to add a power / cable management solution to it; and to be able to mount my pedal board to the unit, so it's easily accessible, but stored out of the way at the same time.

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    3 years ago

    This looks like an excellent solution. Very nicely done!


    Reply 3 years ago

    I know it's a fairly simple hack, but I thought it would give me a good start.