Guitar Amp Tilt Stand for Full or Half Stacks With Separate Heads, and More.

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I know I'm crazy, but I'm okay with that.
I built this to test some theories.
The jerk at the local music store wouldn't let me place his precious new Marshall stacks on this, and ran me off.  I can't really blame him for being so small minded, but I got mad anyway, and it was a bad scene.  I'm never going there again, and I guess he's glad about that too.
Still working on other ideas for large setups, with wheels for easy transport, based on the plywood backing idea.
I'll offer some more details and Ideas as I go.    God Bless.

Step 1: Various Set Up Angles.

Extreme Tilt.

Step 2: I Know, It Looks Like Crap.

As I mentioned in my other instructable, I flunked wood shop.  You can see why the guy at the music store wasn't interested in helping me.
This uses two 6 ft. long 4x4 posts, and two 3/4" steel poles, about 5 ft long, for the legs. 
Then two more poles shoved into a hole at the top to extend the length of the frame.
Also, notice the two small 1/2" diameter poles at the bottom to stop the bottom cabinet from slipping out.

Step 3: It Takes Two of These.

This is based on the "African Chair" design in my other instructable.  As I said, if you build it large enough, you can put a house on it.
Custom build it according to the size of your rig.  The length of the poles determines the tilt angle(s) you want and the floor space it takes up.  The poles can be made surprisingly short, but if they're too short, it can tip backwards.
It's pretty stable as is, but the base board could be slightly longer to provide more side-to-side stability.

Step 4: Easy Set Up, Breakdown, Transport.

These are all the pieces, (times 2 for the other leg). 
This all breaks down easily to fit in my little car.
Badabing Badaboom (or is it Badaboom Badabing, I forget).
Whaddaya want for nuttin', a Rubber Bisquit?  Bow Bow Bow.

Step 5: Some Detail About Drilling the Holes.

I have some sketches with problems, solutions, and other ideas that I'll be posting soon.  Let me know what you guys think. 
Thanx, Gary.



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    2 years ago

    Okay guys and gals! I'm the originator of
    this instructable, and I have simplified them even more, and you're
    gonna love it!!!

    This will work for 2x12 cabs, Marshall 4x12 cabs, 6x15 cabs, a HOUSE or BARN... WHATEVER!!!

    No need for the wood slats because amp and speaker cabinets are made of good strong wood already, so why add more???

    All you need is a good steel bar and a willingness to drill a hole in the back of your cabinet.

    See the new instructable at:

    DSCN3415 - Copy.JPGDSCN3431.JPG

    9 years ago on Introduction

     holy crap.... when i first saw this design in another instructable, i thought it wouldn't be stable..... i STAND! corrected!

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, excessive.   My wife keeps asking me what I'm doing, andI don't have a good answer for her.
    "I've always been crazy but it's kept me from goinginsane".  Waylon Jennings.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I am of the opinion that you have gone excessive here, but nice to see a guy pushing the limits next you will mount a a house, on a pair of these. I used two pair to lay my main speakers down to become monitors. again kudos.