Guitar Case (MDF and Styrofoam)




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So I did not have a case for my Ibanez RG350 and decided to make one of MDF.

The plan was that it would be cheaper than buying one but it ended at about the same price of an Ibanez case. It was fun to make though.


Step 1: Drawing

I made a drawing in SketchUp.

I realized afterwards that I should have made it a bit wider. Perhaps 20mm to make room for more styrofoam around the body of the guitar.

Step 2: Material

Precut (by the wood shop) 12mm MDF, styrofoam and four hinges.

500 SEK.

Step 3: Preparations

I routed all outer edges but the corners need som extra filing, my son here to help.

Step 4: Construction

The boards have been glued and screwed together.

Step 5: Hardware

I bought some hardware. Corners, lock and handle: 237 SEK.

Step 6: Draping

The box and lid has been draped with some woofer fabric I had from other projects. I used wood glue (PVA).

Step 7: Mounting the Hardware

The hardware has been mounted, I screwed a piece of strap to stop the lid from falling over.

Step 8: Protective Inside

The styrofoam is cut with a knife and a soldering iron and is glued with wood glue (PVA).

Step 9: Draping Inside

This is where I'm almost breaking my budget. Cloth 100 SEK and spray glue 300 SEK.

Not a perfect fit but it works.

Step 10: Result

And this is the result, the guitar fits snugly. The case is a bit on the heavy side. But I think it could take some punishment.

The total was 1137 SEK but I had some of the stuff lying around.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Heard about that stuff from [our lord & master?] Adam Savage. Not even tried to aquire any as yet, expect the price might be a bit oo-er. Crackin guitar case btw


    Reply 2 years ago

    I was thinking the same about the price :)
    Thanks again.


    2 years ago

    Nice build, but MDF is really heavy. MDF shapes easily but the weight makes it iffy for building cases out of. Otherwise, good project. Thumbs up!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Good point. MDF is a material I am familiar with, but if I build another case it will surely be made of a lighter material.