Guitar Display Case

Introduction: Guitar Display Case

Made by Collin McShane, Braden Ellis, and Jonathan Lopez

Step 1: Materials

Materials you need are:

4' by 8' MDF board
Roll of 12V Adhesive LED
12V Adapter
Can of Spray Paint
2" Screws
Soldering Kit or Alligator Clips (Your Choice)
Table Saw or CNC Router

Step 2: Putting Box Together

You will then need to take the pieces labeled from the previous step and:

Take 6 2" screws (3 for either side) and drill them through the corners and middle of the base and into the long sides of the case
Take 4 2" screws and drill them through the base and into the short sides of the case
Take 4 2" screws and drill them through the top corners of the box for sturdiness
Take 4 2" screws and drill them through the ends of the overhang pieces into the corners of the sides

Step 3: Cutting the Wood

You then need to cut the wood into these measurements:

One 58" by 24" piece (Base Piece)
Two 4.25" by 22.5" pieces (Short Sides)
Two 58" by 4.25" pieces (Long Sides)
Two 2.75" by 24" pieces (Short Side overhangs)

Step 4: Attaching LEDs

Take 2 strings of 54" LEDs, one for each side
Either take the alligator clips and attach the two strands (Approximately 20 inches in between the strands) or take wire with and solder wires to strips
Line up 12V Adhesive LEDs at the very bottom of the long sides and stick (Do that for both sides)
Drill hole at the bottom corner of the case for the adapter to fit through

Step 5: Spray Painting Interior

Cover the LED strips with tape so they don't get covered in paint (Do not need to cover wires or alligator clips)
Spray the inside of the case thoroughly with spray paint of your choice (We chose baby blue because of the color of the guitar)
Add hooks nails to hang guitar, optional
Cover with layer of glass, optional

Step 6: Final Product

Here is the Final Product

Step 7: CAD Designs

In case you want to make it, here are the CAD designs

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    4 years ago

    That's a very nice looking case! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the communty!