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Introduction: Guitar Hanger

These are Instructions on how to make a guitar hanger for your video game guitars. This project came about when I came across an article on Gizmodo about The Guitar Hanger. I liked the idea and since I couldn't find any retailer in my area, I decided to make my own. For the parts, I just sort of came across them while shopping. I found a pack of five Wooden Slack Hangers for $3.99 at Marshall's and the Tool Hanger at Orchard Supply Hardware for $0.89 each. Your costs may vary depending on where you find the parts. I've only tested this with Rock Band and Guitar Hero guitars.

Step 1: Gathering Tools and Materials

Gather the following tools and materials for the project:


1 x 1/8" Drill Bit

1 x Dremel Rotary Tool or Electric Drill

1 x Hand towel

1 x Vice


1 x Tool Hanger

1 x Wooden Slack Hanger

1-2 x Rock Band or Guitar Hero Guitars that are taking up precious space in your living area

Step 2: Protecting Slack Hanger

Take the Wooden Slack Hanger and wrap one end with the Hand Towel. This is to protect the wood while it's in the Vice.

Step 3: Stabilization

Place the side of the Wooden Slack Hanger covered with the Hand Towel into the Vice. Make sure the surface of the area that you are going to drill into is facing up.

Step 4: Estimating

Estimate the point to drill by finding the midpoint of where the metal hanger is inserted and the end of the Wooden Slack Hanger and mark it. Do not make try to make a big hole with the drill. Simply drill the hole to give you less resistance when screwing in the Tool Hanger. Note: you should not try to drill near the center of the Wooden Slack Hanger because the headstock (top of the guitar) will hit your closet rod.

Step 5: Drilling

The Wooden Slack Hanger uses two pieces of wood to clamp onto slacks. Use the drill to make a hole through the first piece of wood and halfway through the second. Use your best judgment on how far to drill. Also when drilling, stop often because smoke / fumes started to emanate from the hole and you may start a fire. Even though, you may have to stop often, this project doesn't take long so be patient. Blow or wipe away any soot or extraneous splintered wood once the hole has been drilled.

Step 6: Repeat Process for Other End

Repeat Steps 2 - 5 but on the other side of the hanger and at the opposite end. Basically rotate the hanger 180 degrees.

Step 7: Slowly Screw in Tool Hanger

Slowly screw in the Tool Hanger but do not screw in all the way. The reason for going slowly is so you can hear the wood splinter. If the wood starts to splinter, try to get the Tool Hanger facing the right way, by either finishing the rotation or rotating to the last position it faces correctly and stop there. The reason for not screwing in all the way is that the Tool Hanger I had was longer than the wood pieces so if you are in a similar situation, you would have to cap the part of the screw that sticks out on the other end. Also make sure the two pieces of wood are kept together while screwing it in. I suggest using the Vice to clamp the two pieces of wood together while screwing it in. When done, I found the Tool Hanger held firmly in place.

Step 8: Finished

I tested mine using only one Rock Band guitar (instead of 2) and the guitar hanger still worked. Surprisingly, mine did not tilt that much. With a real guitar (non-video game guitar), the results may vary.

Suggestions on improvement:

1. Use a rubber band on the end of the Tool Hanger if you think your guitar will drop to the ground or you live in earthquake territory.

2. Spray paint black and put a Rock Band or Guitar Hero sticker on it. I figured not many people will see it so I decided not to do anything to it.

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is good for light guitars. An electric guitar is about 4kg. (Please see my project to hang a heavy axe)

    If you are going to use just one guitar, would it not set off the balance and swing away and maybe knock off the other one?

    I will use your idea to hang an acoustic guitar in my cabinet. I will just probably put the hook on the center...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I live in a tiny dorm right now, and I can't have my two (real!) guitars sitting about on there own stands, and I hate to leave them in cases under the bed, so I might just make two individual "closet" stands for my guitars. Thanks for the inspiration!