Guitar Hanger



Introduction: Guitar Hanger

Built a simple guitar hanger from a log and some rod. I have a guitar stand but it takes up space on the floor and with kids running around its not safe anymore. I have a few logs laying around and when I checked they are clean and dry, now I have an idea for a guitar face plate.


  1. A log - at least 3 to 4" in diameter
  2. 1/4" rod
  3. Some paint
  4. Lacquer for finishing
  5. and something to cover the rod, in this case I had a thick nylon rope thats left over from some other project

Tools needed:

  1. Table saw/Band Saw for splitting the log
  2. Jig saw for cutting the rod
  3. A welder
  4. and a Drill

Hook replacement thoughts:

If you don't have access to a welder, you might be able to buy a hook at your local hardware store like a J-Hook from homedepot and then adjust the bend accordingly.

Step 1: Prepare the Rod

Need to build a template. Cut the rod into the following:

  • 2 1/2"
  • 8"

Make a T shape (see photo), weld it, then cleaned it with a grinder.

Step 2: Bend the Rod Template

With a small pipe and few screw drivers, bend the template rod accordingly, the rod should allow for a scoop on the guitar neck, make sure to leave some allowance for the padding.

Step 3: Additional Rods

With the template done, create additional hooks, weld it, clean it, and then thread it, also paint it so rod wont rust. While the paint is drying lets check the logs

Step 4: Log Preparation

Find a good log free from decay or termites (this is important, you don't want to bring in termites inside your house)

Split the log, clean the barks, inspect the wood for cracks or water damages.

Cut the length to at least 6".

Drill the log at least 1" from top and bottom, these holes are for the wall screw attachment.

Drill a 1/4" hole in the middle for the rod placement.

Sand it then spray it with some finishing lacquer, while this is drying up, lets check the rods.

Step 5: Rod Preparation

When the paint is dried up, its time to wrap it up. I was looking for a something that would look good as a display with or without the guitar and the ones I could find at the time is this nylon rope, it did look good though with the red and brown combination. I used a glue gun to secure the rope in place while wrapping it around the rod.

Step 6: Other Designs

This is another design thats thinner, 1" thick

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