Guitar Kill Switch and Volume Stomp Box

Introduction: Guitar Kill Switch and Volume Stomp Box

This is really easy to make, cheap and quite useful. Its also good because it requires no power supply.
I have shown pictures of it on bread board, but use strip board and solder if you are going to keep it.

Using the resistors and capacitors somehow stopped my amp from buzzing as well. 

This is essentially a wired remote control for your amp, the kill switch stops any sound from the guitar going to the amp until it is pushed again and there is a volume control too.

   I used my phone so the pictures are bad quality, sorry.

*I soldered the foot switch, potentiometer and jack sockets first*

Step 1: Get Equipment

You will need
strip board or breadboard
lengths of wire for strip board (and some components) and breadboard jumpers if using breadboard 
100k potentiometer 
Potentiometer Knob
2x mono jack sockets
DPTD heavy duty latching foot switch 
2x 470r resistors
2x 10uf capacitors
optional project box

Step 2: How I Wired the Potentiometer

solder wires to two of the poles

Step 3: How I Wired the Jack Sockets

solder a wire to each hole

Step 4: How I Wired the Foot Switch

solder a wire to the middle and left or right front poles

Step 5: Step 1

Get the breadboard or strip board and put two jumpers or wires in the middle.

Step 6: Step 1.5

if you are using strip board cut the copper in between the two wires

Step 7: 2

add the capacitors

Step 8: 3

add the resistors

Step 9: 4

add the potentiometer's two wires next to each other after the resistors

Step 10: 5

add the foot switch the same way as the potentiometer but before the capacitors

Step 11: 6

add the jack sockets on each side

Step 12: 6.5

drill holes in the project box and insert the correct components 

Step 13: 7

You have finished. Test it, then
You ready to put on your pedal board.

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    Cool. I came up with something similar after deciding not to modify my guitar permanently. It looks like you have used a stronger potentiometer and more electronics. The breadboard is an interesting idea.