Guitar MIC Stand

Introduction: Guitar MIC Stand

About: I am a metal artist, a tinkerer, and a general geeky robot.

Hi there, this is a Guitar MIC stand I built for a non profit organization to raffle off. I made it out of all recycled materials. Some of the parts are from the Seattle Space Needle; which where donated to me to build two 6 foot tall Space Needle replicas. I will have pictures of those posted soon. 

I used one old MIC stand, bailing wire, stainless steel channels from the Space Needle, stainless steel cables from the Space Needle, and a concrete cutting blade. To build this I used a bunch of different tools. Some include a Miller 220 welder, air compressor, multiple hand tools, multiple grinders, and a torch set to color the steel. 

I hope you enjoy my work. Please visit my website to see other metal sculptures I have made.  

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