Guitar Pick/ Anything Holder

Introduction: Guitar Pick/ Anything Holder

In my first ever Instrutable, I will teach you how to make a guitar pick/ anything else thats small holder. Ex: Paperclips, Rubberbands will work.

Step 1: What You'll Need

The items you will need for this project are as follows:
Staples Easy Button
Phillips Screwdriver Set
Something Small to hold(In this case guitar picks)

Step 2: Removing the Basics

Start by removing the rubber feet and batteries from the bottom of the Easy Button. This can be done by hand. DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE BATTERIES. FAILURE TO DO SO CAN RESULT IN AN ELECTRICAL SHOCK LATER INTO THE INSTRUCTABLE.

Step 3: Opening the Button

Use either 2.4 mm or 2 mm Phillips screwdriver to remove all four screws underneath the rubber feet. Theyre in there pretty tight so be patient and keep trying.

Step 4: Seek and Destroy

Seperate the guts and the red and silver top half. Remove the metal plate under the circuit board.

Step 5: Seek and Destroy...with More Destroying

Cut the two red wires and the white and black wires.

Step 6: Unscrewing

Now that the wires are cut, unscrew the screws on the circuit board and remove it.

Step 7: Go Cut Yourself

Now, switch to the top half, the main button printed with easy and the silver ring. Cut away the small ledge on the red button using your scissors. Make sure it slides in and out of the silver ring from both sides.

Step 8: Lining Up the Holes

On the bottom of the silver ring and the base of everything there will be four holes. One pair close r together and the other pair farther apart. Line these up and screw them together. Replace the battery cover but use the batteries for something else. This gives it the look of an ordinary Easy Button.

Step 9: Fill and Finish

Now that the base is done, fill it with your small objects. Since I play guitar I chose guitar picks. You can fill it with paperclips, rubberbands, thumbtacks and more office supplies. Next, replace the lid. Just make sure the items inside do not interfere with the lid closing.

Step 10: Congratulations!!!

You're done. I recommend not showing people that this is no ordinary button. If they press it and find it doesn't work just tell them it doesn't have batteries. Enjoy your new storage container. Now that was easy.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    are those picks made from gift cards?