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To put it simply, I found a small plastic box and I wanted to make a pick holder out of it. So I made it from scratch using recycled materials I found at home. In other words: I got a free pick holder! (the best part, however, was to eat the sweets which were inside the box :p).


- A small round box

- A CD

- A credit card

- Guitar picks

Optional decoration: Bottle cap, a picture and some mod podge or varnish.


- Scissors

- Glue

Step 1:

To make the pick holder a little more interesting I decided to add an extra piece to avoid picks falling from the box when you open it. I thought it would be a good idea to use the inner part of a CD because the shape fits nicely into the box.

So take a CD and cut the middle round part (take a look at the first picture). You will get something similar to a mini CD. Then cut this piece into two halves.

Step 2:

Then I wanted to make something to hold this CD bit while leaving enough space to store the picks. I decided to use an old credit card. Why a credit card? Because it's flexible and it fits nicely inside the box.

What you need to do here is to cut a strip of credit card that fits into the box. Mesure the height of the box and cut a strip of plastic the same size. Its length should be the same of the CD piece you previously cut.

Glue the plastic strip onto the box with some contact glue (or similar). You will need something to hold it due to its flexibility. I used some clothespins. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE CLOTHESPINS CAN "FLY" AWAY...

Step 3:

Place the credit card plastic part inside de box. If its fits, you can glue it. If not, you can cut it a little more. I used a wire to spread the glue all over the credit card piece. Once you've glued it once, you'll need to strengthen it adding more glue on the corners of the two pieces.

You need to use again a clothespin to hold it until it's dry (this time it's less dangerous).

Step 4:

To hide the glue I painted a black line... but of course this is absolutely optional. You can paint as much as you want or leave it as it is.

Step 5:

Ta-da! You can now put your picks inside! You can store several picks and they will never fall out of the box thanks to the plastic "wall" we made out of the CD.

Step 6:

Finally you only need to decorate the box. I've decided that the part where are the picks will be the part I could take away from the guitar to be easily to take a pick. So, this part is the one you'll need to decorated.

I've made two versions. One with the Supernatural devil's trap and one with a Peace symbol.

Supernatural Devil's Trap: print the picture, cut it and glue it on the box. Then varnish it.

Peace Symbol: take a bottle cap and prepare it. Print the peace symbol, glue it inside the cap and cover it with varnish or mod podge dimensional magic.

Step 7:

Finally you only need to glue the pick holder on the guitar. I've glued it with hot glue.

As you can see in the pictures, the pick holder is composed of two parts. One that is fixed on the guitar and one which you can take out to take the picks. Everywhere you go with your guitar you will always have some picks!

Rock on!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool. The poor man's version is called three guitar strings. Lol


    5 years ago

    I play the guitar too