Guitar Pick Made From CD [Red]




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Make guitar picks

What you need:
Old credit cards or Gift Cards (for thin picks)
Old Cds (for thick picks)
Nail Filer
Nail Polish (optional)
Guitar Pick (for reference)

(i) Trace original guitar pick on Gift card. You could fit about 5 picks on each card.
(ii) Cut out each pick.
(iii) File edges and you're done!

(ib) Trace original pick on an old CD. You can fit about ten picks on a CD.
(iib) Cut out each pick. This could be hard depending on your scissors.
(iiib) Peel off data foil from each cut out till each pick is see-through.
(ivb) File edges and you're done!

(optional) Coat each side of your picks with nail polish and let dry. Not at the same time though. Don't be stupid.

Note: You can make your own shapes too :]

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    oh I could make personalised picks for my Grandson by putting his initial on each pick then covering with the varnish Thank you have a ton of old AOL type CD use.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I gave you 5 stars because you actually stated the color even though it was obvious. Some of these multicolor and no color entries boggle my mind. You'll get my vote!

    1 reply