Guitar Pick With Character

This is a Christmas present I made for my brother who just started playing guitar and who likes the joker

I apologise for the pictures, I didn't take some while I was working so I took them afterward

Step 1: Find Materials

Find your piece of wood or other material and a spare guitar pick for size

I used a piece of manzanita I had on hand

Step 2: Trace Outline

Using a pencil trace the outline of the pick on the wood

Step 3: Profile

use a saw to cut the basic profile, and then using a sander sand to the lines

Step 4: Thin Out Pick

using the sander thin out the pick, round off the edges, then hand sand gradually increasing grits

Step 5: Add Character

decide what you want to add to guitar pick, then use a woodburner to burn it in.

Something I learned afterwards, for a left handed person burn it the way I did. for a right handed person flip it

Step 6: Add Finish

use an oil to add finish to your wood. Not only will it protect it but it brings out the grain really nice

Step 7: Finished

your done. this is the perfect gift for someone who plays guitar

I hope you liked the instructable leave a question or comment below



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