Guitar Picks From Old Credit Cards




Introduction: Guitar Picks From Old Credit Cards

Tired of losing guitar picks? Well, friends, here is a quick and easy way to make new picks out of your old credit cards. Don't throw that plastic out ! Cut them up and put them to use as guitar picks.

It starts with taking an old pick to use as a stencil. Take a permanent marker and outline around the old pick onto your expired credit card (or other flat plastic material.) Next, cut with scissors.

Work with a few different thicknesses of cards or other plastic materials until you get comfortable. Some plastic cards will obviously make stiffer guitar picks.

Step 1: Smooth the Edges...

Cut the credit card into pieces. Trim the edges. Smooth the edges with a file or a scrap of medium sand paper.

I like the picks with some of the lettering from the credit card still intact. They have a nice grip to hold onto the pick.

Now, test out by strumming your nearest guitar. Give to friends for the holidays!

Step 2: Now Play Your Favorite Songs...

Here I am trying to learn a few holiday songs. Of course, my new Min Pin "Bob" is trying to cover his ears as I learn how to play. Bob says "Hope your holidays are safe and warm."

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