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Introduction: Guitar Stool

This is an attempt to replicate the guitar stool I found on the internet, even though the product is slightly different than the one in the picture, but it can still give you guys an idea f how to build one similar to it

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Step 1: Guitar

We need to partial build an electric guitar, the body blank and a rough neck of the guitar, so find some plan on the internet. I used the book "Building Electric Guitars" by Martin Koch and followed the plans available in the book.

Step 2: Get Some Wood

it doesn't really matter the types of wood we use in this project since we're not actually building a guitar. For the body, I used Bubinga; the hard maple for the fretboard; the mahogany for the neck

Step 3: Rough Cut the Body

Designing a plywood template is a good idea at that stage. It will help you when tracing the contour of the body, it can also gonna be the base of the chair later. Place the template on your board and trace a pencil line around it. Use a jig saw or band saw to cut outside the line. As these saws don't always do a good job at making vertical cuts, you'll need to leave at least 1/4" outside the line.

Step 4: The Body

use the rough cut body as a guide to help you cut the wood, as the piece of guitar body that you're gonna sit on. screw the template on the body. With the template attached, use a router table and a 2" straight bit with a ball bearing mounted at the end. The bearing will roll on the template. You will end up with your body having the exact same dimensions as your guide.

Step 5: Polishing the Body

Remove the template and round off the edges. If you have a rounding-over bit with a ball bearing at the end, you can use it to create a nice regular radius on the entire body. If you don't, you'll need to use a file and some sand paper.

A lot of electric guitars have a bevel on the upper side to accommodate some room for the player's arm. I used a hand plane and sanded the sharp edges.

Step 6: Build the Neck and Head

The head and neck come from the same piece of wood. Just cut the board at an angle, flip the small part and glue it on the back of the board. According to my plan. There is a 15 degree angle that you have to cut.

Step 7: Assemble the Truss Rod and Fretboard

The truss rod can now be glued with epoxy inside the groove. Cut the finger board to the right dimension (slightly larger since we'll sand it later). Using a really fine blade (fret saw), cut some grooves on the fret board at the right place. The distances depend on the size of the neck and can be found online. Once this work is done, you can glue the fret board onto the neck. Remember, unlike most guitar plan, it doesn't have to be exact, since it won't impact anything.

Step 8: Cut the Neck to the Right Dimensions

Now that the fretboard is glued on the neck, you can trim the neck to the right shape.

Remember to sand it

Step 9: Drill Holes for the Tuning Keys

drill the holes in the head of the neck. Place the tuning keys and screw them in place using the 2 small screws usually provided

Step 10: Shape the Back of the Neck

The back of the neck is shaped using a spokeshave.

Build cardboard gigs to control the shape at the beginning and end of the neck.

Step 11: The Leg of the Stool

I use the wood left of the neck to build it, the height doesn't really matter, make sure to match your height or your preference

Step 12: Assemble All of Them Together

Remember the actual body that we made? Glue it with the neck. And the template for the body, use it as the base, glue to the other side of the leg. Glue the neck you have perpendicular to the body, use it as the back of the chair

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    7 months ago on Step 12

    I love this! I am creating a music room in my house and these are perfect. Thank you.