Guitar Strap Lock Hole Repair



What to do if your strap lock screw go out of his hole the entire time? Here's the simplest solution.

Step 1: The Stuff

You need:
A knife
A match/toothpick
One second glue
Strap lock stuff

Step 2: Prepair the Toothpick/match

1- Cut the sharp ends off the toothpick/ cut the red end off the match.

2- split the stick.

3- put some glue at the stick and push it immediately into the hole in your guitar.

4- cut the stick and crew the screw into the hole. Don't screw the crew to far.

5- wait a minute and get the screw out of the hole.

6- put all the parts on the screw and screw it in the hole.

7- done



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