Guitar Survival Kit - Acoustic 2


Introduction: Guitar Survival Kit - Acoustic 2

About: I live in Denmark, and i will show you how to make things for survival, art, awesomeness, and much more! Check it out! ??

This is my udgrave of my first survival kit.
The only change is a diffrent tuner and one more peg. I take this tuner because, in my Electric guitar kit, this one couldn't not fit.
It also pocket sized!

For making this you will need:
- A box
- A mouth harmonica
- 3 normal picks
- A thumb pick
- A cabo
- A Tuner

Good luck!

Step 1: Pack

This is how i packed my guitar kit.
The harmonica and the tuner can slide in and out.

Step 2: Done!

Also check out my Electric guitar kit! Bye!



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    Sorry, i come from Denmark so my auto correct changes some things. It should be right now.
    Thanks ;-)

    and capo... I assume you are translating

    picks or pegs?