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Introduction: Guitar Hero Speaker

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I used a pair of speakers with a broken case and an old guitar hero controller to make a rockin' Guitar! (bad pun I know). This is also my first Instructable so only helpful comments please. Plus I didn't take many before pictures so sorry, I'll remember them next time

Step 1: Materials

Things you need
-small speakers
-a guitar controller

Step 2: Speakers

i just needed to get the speakers out of the case

Step 3: Guitar

First i took the guitar apart, again sorry about the lack of pics

Step 4: Cutting Out the Space

i cut out the middle where the strum bar goes, i kept the thing that goes around the bar

Step 5: Drill

i made a hole for the speakers to go in

Step 6: Inside

i cut out the posts inside the guitar to make room for my ipod

Step 7: Sanding

i didn't need to but i sanded the guitar to get some scratches and small dents out, and i sanded everything else i was using.

Step 8: Painting

just paint the stuff, use what ever colors you want but i used gold and silver, and a clear coat to keep the paint from chipping

Step 9: Puttin It Together Again

i put the neck together first since it gets connected to the rest by the screws in the back of the guitar, then i glued the strum bar, the thingfrom around the strum bar, and the ppick guard together to make a cover with a handle

Step 10: Putting the Speakers In

i didn't take pictures of this because i was in a rush but i just glued the speakers in the holes i made for them, the speakers have a magnet that keep the cover in place so i didn't glue them on

Step 11: Seeing If It Fits

i put my ipod in the space and it fit but i had to put it in at an angle because i didn't totally get rid of the edge.

Step 12: Yay

once i saw that the cover can go on while my ipod is in it i didn't do much else

Step 13: Enjoy

you're done! you can enjoy your speakers, maybe with your pets?

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