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I made an easy guitar pick holder for myself and i wanted to share it. It looks better than most of holders on the market and is basically free.
I taped it at the back of my guitar but you can put it almost anywhere.

Warning: if you didn't use a lighter before ask help from some one who did or if you are a child ask help from a grownup about the lighter. Don't apply to much pressure with the scissors, you can cut yourself if it gets out of your control.

And I am turkish so i can make mistake on writing part.

Step 1: Preperation

1) Find or buy a hard plastic which is soft enough to bend with your hand. ( I used an ice cream cup )
2) You gonna need scissors to cut the plastic (or a knife but scissors are safer mostly )
3) Most plastics don't stay at the shape you bend them, you can use hair dryer or lighter for the heat ( I used lighter because it looks easier )

Step 2: Making

1) cut a piece of plastic ( it should be at the size of 1.5 times of your pick )
2) fold it into 2
3) use lighter to heat the folded corner of plastic (don't heat for long time or don't make it touch the flame, plastic can burn )
4) wait for it to get cold and try your pick in it
5) cut unnecessary part of plastic

Step 3: The End

That's all. Tape it where you want.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Actually you don´t have to rip a container for the inlay, just take some tape and where the pick is supposed to be you neutralize the adhesive part with some paper or just take some cardboard from any food packaging...


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a cool idea because honestly a lot of pick holders today are ugly and why have them take away from our guitar's look. With yours no one can even see that it's there. Great idea.

    I use Ready Pick for the same reason, except the difference is it sticks on the front of the guitar and it is clear. The only reason I like having it on the front is for the really quick grab when I need it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah it's a good one!
    Made three of them in a few minutes. What I did extra was to burn the sides too. they stick together and will hold the pick better. Not a fan of tape on my basses though.