Guitar Pick Mod(Stop the Pick From Falling Into the Guitar)

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what you will need

Guitar pick

Thread or a thin string (about a foot)

Paracord or rope for bracelet

Some item to put a hole in the pick ( I used a screw and block of wood a hammer and nail works too as long as the hole is bigger than the thread)

Step 1: Poke Hole in Pick

Sorry about the bad pictures

Use your object of poking a hole in the pick to poke a hole in the upper area( away from the area that touches the strings

Step 2: Tye It Up

Tye the string to the pick leaving a tail about 6 inches no tye the rope so it fits around your wrist but can be easily taken off(it can be loose)

Step 3: More Tying

Tye the pick to the bracelet leave about a 4-6 inch gap between the pick and bracelet. Now you are ready to trim the ends once the trimming is done now you just put the bracelet on and strum away like normal

Thank you for viewing my project
feedback is appreciated



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