Guitars for KeyChain or Wall

Introduction: Guitars for KeyChain or Wall

Here is another entry I made for the "3D Print Contest".  I tried to create it with 3D Printing in mind, the bottom of every guitar is FLAT so it is easy to print.  Everything is not in proportion due to the fact that I wanted it to be able to be printed.  I opened all models up in NetFabb and found no errors.  Hope you enjoy, each step is a different guitar.  I have made a Acoustic, Electric, Bass, and V Guitars.  Also included a model with "Play Hard" and "Hard Rock" for each guitar.  You can either print them small for a keychain or print them large to hang on your wall. 

If someone prints them please let me know how it goes, as I don't have a 3D Printer to test it out, hence why I am entering this contest.

Thank You and vote if you like.

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Step 1: Acoustic Guitar

Step 2: Bass Guitar

Step 3: Electric Guitar

Step 4: V Guitar

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