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I've had my guitar on the wall for ages. Simple leather loop hanging on the old screw. It was always the safest place. Up to the day I grew up and with my wife we redecorated whole apartment. Plastering instead of wallpapers and my old screw disappeared. I tried to hide the guitar behind bedhead, in the closet, behind the doors... No way, after I brought home new ukulele I was sure: my guitars belong on the wall...


Step 1: No More Old Screws...

Well, that told me my wife. I looked around in DIY store and bought two metal kitchen cabinet door knobs, two double screws (straight screws without head with metric thread on one end and wood thread on the other one) and some rawlplugs. Then I waited until nobody was home, took percussion drill and made two nice holes in our concrete wall. Easy.

Little complication was that uke didn't have loop for hanging. Piece of bent reep rope, ends melted and sewn together and finally two little screws fitting loop to head of instrument.

Guitar and uke were back on the wall, but...

Step 2: Plastering Is Not Old Wallpaper...

And putting guitars up and down and swinging with them... Instrument leaning directly against plastering is a bad idea. Simple solution are round pieces of felt used as floor protection on table legs. If you have bigger plate of this felt you can let your imagination run riot. Pencil, watercolors, sharp blade and...

Step 3: Enjoy

Guitars are on the safe place again :)



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    thank you. all credits for protectors go to my daughter. i just gave her white felt plate and told her that i would love some falling leaves. all i did was cutting them out, dry them with hairdryer (as i was really impatient) and stick them to wall.


    4 years ago

    How well do you think this well work on electric guitars? Because I have too many (I'm at about 8 now) to find homes for, and this could definitely make space for non guitar activities haha.

    1 reply

    i thing you can put on the wall anything, maybe grand piano would be a little overkill :D you should just consider appropriate size and strength of doorknobs and find out how to create some nice loop for electric guitar. good luck ;)


    4 years ago

    Instead of screwing hole in the headstock of the uke or other guitars, try looping the chord behind the string but at the headstock. Then you don't risk splitting the wood

    1 reply

    thanks for comment, you're right. splitting the wood is exactly the thing you don't want. looping the cord behind the strings at headstock was one of my earliest thoughts, but you need this hanging loop to be a little stiff if you wanna be able to hang it on the knob over your head. another idea was to drill two holes in headstock and running thin cord through them in order to fix the thick one on the back side. finally i decided to do it way i did it. in fact those small eight screws holding machines are also mine as uke had pegs when i bought it. of course i made tiny holes in the wood with bradawl before i went with screws. anyway, i was aware what to expect from that kind of wood ;)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice simple and effective idea. I agree that putting holes and screws in the headstock of any stringed instrument could cause a number of problems; tone, sustain, splitting. Still it's an easy fix. Loop the cord around the head. I like the simplicity of this. Cool.


    4 years ago

    looks great! and solves a pain in the neck of guitar not being storage freindly.