Gulaburi Burfi

Introduction: Gulaburi Burfi

This is my favorite and tasty cookie which can be prepared easily in a very short time.


1.Milk powder
3. Milk
4. Cashews
5. Almonds
6. Rasins
7. Powdered sugar

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Step 1: Preparation of Thick Mass

1. Take a bowl add some ghee, milk powder, powdered sugar and mix it all together.
2. Add milk little by little and mix well.
3. Bring it on stove and cook it in simmer.
4. Mix well until the mass becomes non-sticky.

Step 2: Decorations

1. Spread some ghee on a plate and transfer the mixture on it.
2. Make it a shape and place nuts and raisins on it and serve.

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    3 Discussions


    8 weeks ago

    I've never seen this much ghee and milk powder combined without flour, I'm so curious what these taste like.


    Reply 7 weeks ago

    It's delicious! I also like the ones that have cardamon added. Gives it a touch of sadness with the happiness of the sugars.

    dragon flyer
    dragon flyer

    Reply 7 weeks ago

    worth an experiment...!