Gumball Love Note

Introduction: Gumball Love Note

Here's a quick love note you can whip up for your sweet pea!

What you'll need:

- 8.5x11" white cardstock

- red and black pen or marker

- craft glue

- slotted quilling tool or tool of choice

- 1/4" strips of paper all the colors of the rainbow! For this project, I used 1/4" wide strips that were originally about 17" long. I cut two strips in half for each color. (Optional: Pick 2 colors of your choice to make 2 gumballs. You can put these on the bottom.)

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Step 1: The Circle

Fold the cardstock in half to make a vertical or portrait oriented card.

Draw or trace a circle to make the glass of the gumball machine.

Step 2: The Gumballs

Roll each strip into a relaxed closed coil.

Arrange and glue them inside your circle.

Step 3: The Machine

Draw the rest of the gumball machine.

Add a special message of your choice!

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