Gumdrop Wreath

Introduction: Gumdrop Wreath

Decorating for the holidays? Want something new to spice up your  room? Try and create the creative and edible gumdrop wreath! The supplies are easy to use and are cheap... They are....
1. 3pounds of gumdrops 
2. 200 toothpicks
3. 10" styrofoam wreath
4. 2 feet of Ribbon of your choice 
5. 2 feet of  Wire


     Your first step is to put wire around the top of the wreath so you can hang it up.
    Second, you will need to split the toothpicks in half.
    After that, stick a gumdrop of any color onto it.
   Next you will  stick it into the styrofoam wreath.
   Repeat steps 1-4 ti,ll you fill up the entire wreath( don't put any in the back).
  Then, pick out a cute ribbon to tie a bow onto the front.
  Your last step is to hang it up onto the wall!!

You can also hot glue the gumdrops onto the wreath if you dont want to go to all the trouble with the toothpicks.
Use the ribbon with wire in it if you want to shape the bow better.

Congratulations! You have made the finished product. Now enjoy the view of the wreath, and the leftover gumdrops as an afternoon snack!!! Decorating for the holidays isn't as expensive as you think, there are many things of everyday items that can be used to create something new! Enjoy!

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    Great job! Maybe, could you add more pictures to each step so I know what it should look like when I am completed with that step? Still, Great Job!