Gummy Bear and Pottasium Chlorate Explosion

Introduction: Gummy Bear and Pottasium Chlorate Explosion

Today I will teach you how to unleash the awe inspiring power that lies dormant in every gummy bear. All you need is: a glass vial, 5-15 grams of potassium chlorate (Danger!), a bunsen burner, one gummy bear, and a bit of common sense.

Step 1: Setting Up

Elevate the vial over the bunsen burner and make sure everything is secure and safe. Before proceeding be sure to wear safety goggles as well as heavy duty acid proof gloves.

Step 2: Time to Get Serious

Exercise extreme caution and place 5-15 grams of the Potassium Chlorate into the vial. when finnished place on clamp and proceed. Clean up any that you happen to spill with water and a towel.

Step 3: So It Begins

Turn on the Bunsen Burner and heat the pottassium chlorate powder until it becomes molten like a liquid. Be sure to take caution.

Step 4: Climax

Drop the gummy bear into the vial and jump back! Enjoy the show and be sure to dispose of it carefully and add water after it has cooled.

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