Gummy Bears on a Stick





Introduction: Gummy Bears on a Stick

An easy delicious treat for anyone with a craving! 

Step 1: Materials

1:Gummi bears
3:Wax paper
5:Small dish

Step 2: Pour Them Out

Pour about 12 or so Gummy Bears in the small dish.

Step 3: Nuke and Mold

Put it in the microwave until it's nice and melted, then start to mold it onto the stick.
This is the hardest part, I find that spinning the stick helps get it on.

Step 4: Let It Dry

You can either let it air dry or, as we do, stick it in the freezer for a short while. Either way, stick it on the wax paper so it doesn't make a mess

Step 5: Dig In!

What do you think for a first instructable?



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    11 Discussions

    aaaah, i bought those harbo ones the other day to make gummy things in guitar moulds. Have you used any other brand or type of gummy? I'm trying to find i guess, the nicest tasting ones, i didnt really like those ones when i tried them.

    2 replies

    In my opinion, Brach's makes the best tasting gummi bear. Haribo is a bit too waxy and hard, like they put too much gelatin in it lol. Then I just wasn't fond of the taste of the Black Forest ones. So, Brach's all the way!

    My mom affectionately calles it Turd on a stick LOL still tastes good!

    Ya, i've been meaning to but i just started school so it's kind of hard to find time...

    I think that you should use the same colours so that it will look a bit more appetizing and the same colour(red,yellow,green ect.) instead of brown...