Introduction: Gun

Hate injection I this instructable I will teach you how to make a dr gun by one injection

Step 1: Components

You need one injection, one scissor,some tissue and one piece of paper

Step 2: Gun Making

First remove the holder of you injection then take your scissor and make a big hole in the front so that you can insert the ammo

Step 3: Gun Maked

Insert the holder in the injection and your gun is maked

Step 4: Making of Ammo

For ammo you need a square cut small piece of tissue and roll it until it will look like a ball and after that dip it in some water

Step 5: Upgrading Ammo

Take a small piece of paper and put your ammo In the centre and round until it look like a ball and again dip it in water

Step 6: Loading Gun

Take your ammo and and push it in the hole that you did it in the injection

Step 7: Shooting

Just gently push the holder and enjoy if you have any question just don't ask me ha I am joking you can ask me and I am only12 year old boy

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    Hi it is nice


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Congratulations on your first instructable! Welcome to the community!