Gun SnorriCam for 2$ (Seen in District 9)

So! I went out and saw District 9 today. It was pretty good, very interesting. BUT There were a few shots that were so sick, I had to try them myself. Basically What it is is a SnorriCam but mounted to an Airsoft Gun! The shots you get from it are tense and very eerie. BTW the paint job on my gun is SO awful pay no attention to it :)

Step 1: What You'll Need

Simple Everyday Items!

1. A Ruler or a Three Hole Punch. The necessary part of this are the holes that connect it to a binder or such. See the pic for what I'm talking about.

2. A 1/4 inch screw that's, well pretty tall... thats up to you. Experiment! What I ended up using wat actually from my old Drumset. The standard tuning lugs are usually 1/4 in most drums.

3. A 1/4 inch nut ... you can make this without it probably...

4. Tape!! A LOT of Tape.

5. A Camera with a tripod/ mount screw on the bottom

6. A Fake Gun ... or a real gun... don't shoot your camera though :)

Step 2: Screw This

Take the Ruler / Hole Punch and put the screw through the hole.
Screw the nut in so it is very tight.
Tape it! Tape it up a lot.. if this slips ... Bye Bye Camera!

Keep in mind that this is the hole that's furthest from the camera/camcorder.

Step 3: The Gun

This part is definitely going to change from gun to gun. On my cheap Airsoft gun there's no extension slide. What i did was veeerrry simple. Take the ruler and position it under the trigger. Take tape an pull it through the trigger and keep doing so until its tight.

Step 4: How to Use It!

Ok So You're basically done! Now I hold mine with one hand on the ruler and the other hand on the trigger. Its that simple. Screw the camera on... make sure its sturdy... and then film!

Thanks for reading!!!! Please ask questions



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