Gungrave KNEX FORM!

Introduction: Gungrave KNEX FORM!

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Step 1: Man


Step 2: 1

Lower Body and Legs

Step 3: 2

ya no

Step 4: 3

Shoulders and Arms

Step 5: 4


Step 6: 5

need pliers

Step 7: 6

waist and hip
really who says hip anymore

Step 8: 7

lost something

Step 9: 8

heres half of it

Step 10: 9

yal need

Step 11: 10

duct it

Step 12: 11

same thing

Step 13: 12

there it is

Step 14: Juji's Blades

its sick

Step 15: J1


Step 16: J2

Step 17: J3

one more thing

Step 18: J4

There u go

Step 19: Rocketbilly's Guitar

3 steps

Step 20: RB1

4 parts

Step 21: RB2

Come On Everybody!

Step 22: Beyond the Grave

Kick Their /\$$es!

Step 23: BTG1

Step 24: BTG2

Step 25: BTG3

Duct Tape

Step 26: BTG4

Ya Dun

Step 27: Final

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    6 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Please come u re make with normal parts because thats what most people have


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Lol, does this use micro parts, because they are stupid. Nobody knows all the types of peices and they are too small to be useful. Please, use normal sized parts. Other than that, it is good for a first time transforming thingy.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    have u tried Mastermind they got it