Guts and Gore Halloween Props




In this instructable I will show you how to make your own blood and guts halloween props and save some money.

Step 1: Materials Used

Materials used:

1 can grey primer.

1 can black spray paint.

2 different color red spray paints.

1 can of glossy clearcoat.

1 or more cans of crack and gap spray foam insulation.

parchment paper.

Optional Materials:

Spare clothing

black birds, I purchased at the dollar store as well as online.

fake rats from dollar store.

assorted fingers, ears, noses, eyeballs. I picked these up from the Dollar store as well.

fake hands

You can purchase all of these I'm sure from most halloween stores but they are often pricey. Cook at your local thrift/dollar stores first then online for these kind of cheap props.

Step 2: Prep Your Working Surface

Lay down a few sheets of non stick parchment paper. The gap and crack foam were using for this project will stick to anything it touches.

It won't stick to the paper making removing it easy once were done

Step 3: Apply Foam Insulation to Paper

Holding the can upside down and with the nozzle just above the paper, gently press the trigger. Draw out a pattern of guts, the size and shape are entirely up to you.

Note, the slower you move the can the thicker the bead laid down will become. Also keep in mind this foam expands as it drys so keep the initial lines less than an inch thick.

You can see the expansion of the foam in the images above.

Step 4: Prime and Apply Black

Once the foam has dried spray with the grey primer. It's better to spray 1 or more thin layers than 1 heavy one.

After the primer has dried, spray paint all the creases, crevices, nooks, and crannys black.

Step 5: Spray 1st Coating of Red

Once the black has dried take the darker of the two reds your using and spray most of the unpainted foam. Overlapping with the black is fine just try not to completely cover the black.

Try to leave a few areas unpainted as well.

Step 6: 2nd Red Coat of Paint

After the first red paint dries apply the 2nd color. Make sure nothing is left unpainted this time. Spray lightly, overlapping the first areas painted to produce smooth transitions.

Once it's all dry spray It with a glossy clear coat for a wet look.

Step 7: Be Creative, Accessorize Your Piles of Guts!

Be creative and add critters to your guts.

The rats and birds I got from the Dollar Store.

The rat came all black and shinny like plastic. I painted the rat brown with acrylic paint. I also painted the eyes with large whites and red pupils staring up at you.

The birds feeding on body parts are easy as well.

To create this effect I used cheap plastic body parts i bought at the dollar store. Grab an eyeball or ping pong ball, finger, ear, whatever and the hot glue gun.

Take the hot glue gun and beginning at the tip of the beak slowly extrude a line of glue and connect it to the eye ball. Flipping it upside down and back can help it not break while it dries

Repeat the process a number of times until your satisfied.

Once that's done and dry take a can of red spray paint and spray on top of the eye. Hold the can about a foot away to create a light mist.

Next paint or carefully drip red acrylic paint onto the glue strands

Once your finished top bloody eye off with a glossy clear coat to give it a permanent wet look.

Step 8: Severed Limbs and Body Parts

Using the same techniques you can easily create severed limbs and body parts. Simply stuff the clothing and add guts/gore where ever you see fit.

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1 year ago

This is Awesome! I will be trying this out next Halloween for sure. Thanks for the instructable!


4 years ago

I love that idea n it's fascinating n wonderful creation n it makes it so real .


4 years ago

This is so creative! Great job!


4 years ago on Introduction

Hey i have some questions about Great Stuff that is completely unrelated.

is there any spray i could use to make great stuff to not stick to plaster or some other surface? any advice would be great!


2 replies
jzuwala mottscortchops

Reply 4 years ago

wd-40 would probably work, though I'm not sure if that would damage the plaster or not


I love that it is both simple and VERY convincing!

Tip of the hat to you mate!


4 years ago on Introduction

that is so disgusting and! I've used great stuff before with orange Christmas lights for Molten-y lava effects, but never thought of this! Great build!


4 years ago on Step 8

great stuff is even what the pros use I did a hall of souls with great stuff and old masks