Gutting a Deer Solo




     If you are out hunting and shoot a deer, what do you do next? It's a very bloody process so be prepared to see blood it's just the nature of field dressing a deer. You take out the useless guts or in simpler terms you gut it.  These instructions I give you will take you through all the steps on how to gut a deer by yourself.


Step 1: Prepare the Deer

Once you have tracked down your deer you should check to make sure the deer is dead by poking it with the end of the barrel on your gun or with a decently sized stick.  After you've made sure the deer is dead you should roll the deer on its back and put the legs around the outside of your body so that they don't interfere with you while you're gutting.

Step 2: Remove the Genitals

Cut around the genitals and remove them. You must make sure you cut a good inch around them to make sure you get everything out. Make sure to be careful and not puncture the bladder.

Step 3: Make Your Incision

Make a two-inch incision just below the breastbone and insert two fingers of your free hand into the cavity. Turn the cutting edge of your knife blade up and place it between your two fingers and use them to guide the knife from the breastbone to the pelvic bone to open the abdominal cavity without cutting into the stomach or intestines.

Step 4: Opening the Deer Up

Puncture the diaphragm and cut it away from the rib cage. You may have to roll the deer first onto one side, then the other, to cut all the way around.

Step 5: Pull Out Guts

Reach up as far as you can into the chest cavity and sever the esophagus and windpipe, then pull them loose, along with the heart and lungs.

Step 6: Drain the Blood

Lift the deer up by its head as high as you can and drag it a few feet in order to drain the blood out through the pelvic opening. Then hang up the deer say in a shed or tree to make sure all the blood has dripped out. If you have punctured the stomach make sure you wash it out with a hose.



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