Gypsy Wagon




Introduction: Gypsy Wagon

here is the second Gypsy wagon I built along with some friends . I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Build Your Harbor Freight Trailer !

Step 2: Build 4x8 Box Out of 2x12s

Step 3: Floor Subframe Is 2x4s .. You Could Just Slap a 4x8 Sheet on This But I Was Afraid of Deflection.

Step 4: Add 3/4 Plywood.

Step 5: Screw It All Down With Exterior Grade Deck Screws.

Step 6: I Added the Ledges First But in Retrospect I Should Have Done the Gussets First.

Step 7: Add You Own Flare Here !

Step 8: Screw and Glue All Gussets

Step 9: You Could Stop Here and Have Very Cool Wagon Lol!

Step 10: Time to Transfer Your Drawing From That Napkin !

Step 11: Cut Out Your Shape !

Step 12: King Pins Installed Now Hang Your Cut Outs on the King Pins and Screw Them Down.

Step 13: Front and Back Walls Are Hung

Step 14: Side Frame Is 2x2s 16s on Center.

Step 15: Dont Forget to Cut These Notches

Step 16: Fit Roof Stringers I Used 10 Footers

Step 17: Add Insulation to Side Walls

Step 18: Cut Out Doors and Windows !

Step 19: Fasten Roof Stringers

Step 20: Used Pneumatic Stapler and Glue to Add 1/4 Ply Walls in and Out.

Step 21: The Ceiling Pieces Are Next ! We Used 1 Inch Wood Screws for This Bit.

Step 22: Cut and Install More Insulation in Between Stringers and Taped With Heavy Duty Foil Tape

Step 23: Time to Add the Bows (1/4 Inch Lath Boards)

Step 24: Lay Poly Propylene Tarp and Install Lath Strips Front ,back and Sides . Trim Off Excess !

Step 25: Stain and Varnish (or Paint) Your Favorite Color !

Step 26: Time to Build Window Frames and Door Frame .

Step 27: Trim Over All Your Seems and Around Door and Windows

Step 28: Add Window and Door Stops .

Step 29: Dry Fit Doors and Windows (all Built With Kreg Jig) Window Are 2x2 and Door Is Made From 2x4 and a Piece of 4/4 Ply.

Step 30: Finish Doors and Windows. Cut and Mortise for Hardware .

Step 31: Time to Take It All Back Down Add Window Stops, Varnish ,dry Fit Glass. (glass Was From Seattle Stained Glass)

Step 32: Install Glass for the Last Time.

Step 33: Install Door Windows and Hardware !!

Step 34: Install Deck !! Exterior Is Done !!!

Step 35: Install Bed Platform and Benches I Also Put Some 110 Outlets.

Step 36: Install Flooring

Step 37: Install Trim Over All Seems !

Step 38: Trim Trim Trim Trim ...trim. Add Curtains and a Bed !

Step 39: Finishing Touches


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    Great job. Would you post dimensions for the walls, floor and roof and interior space, please? I am definitely building a version of a gypsy wagon. I am trying for 7 ft wide by 11 ft long interior space! Thanks.

    1 reply

    I'm sorry just sold it and don't have the plans anymore. Good luck on your build I'd love to see pictures.

    I like your attention to detail. I was wondering how long your roof will last? Some colored, (green, blue, etc.) sheet metal roofing would really look good. Thanks for showing how you built it.

    1 reply

    Yeah the roof tarp I get about two years a metal roof would have been way better ...copper would have been my choice . I recently sold my wagons as we are moving.

    Hello, I did a similar build off a ford pickup
    bed frame from a totaled pickup truck many years ago. I agree with the another
    poster Putting the door in the back makes the air flow while towing a null
    concern. You can also then make the deck larger and fold-up able and lockable
    while traveling. I also used a folding down bed as a seating area during the
    day and a bed at night as some tow-a-longs do presently. Put it long way in the
    wagon instead of across that way there is no need to elevate it. With the solar
    panels idea, a battery and a New wave oven and say New wave PIC and a small
    sink you should be really comfortable.

    Before building the frame on the trailer I would purchase flat poly tanks for potable water and waste-water. Also, add a box up front by the hitch with in the frame for silicon rechargeable battery, water pump and inverter for flexible solar panels along with a small solar water tube system using black irrigation tubing with fittings for hot water. Then you could have an out side shower sprayer hook up so you could shower out side in on of those camping privacy shower unit. Last but not least is a marine toilet hidden inside.

    great ible!!!

    Du hast recht, Mensch! Wunderschön sind die Beiden, is' die Wahrheit! Ich wünsche sehr, dass ich solch eine hätte!


    Just too adorable. Would love one of these in the backyard as a decoration with flowers around it.


    1 year ago


    It occurred to me that a couple of (small) solar panels and a battery (small) under the white polly tarp portion would still gather enough energy for some LED lighting. It would not effect the esthetics of the wagon. Very nice, good job.


    2 years ago

    I don't know how practical it is, but it's adorable.

    I love this! Amazing work! I'm looking building some sort of tiny home, thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    You're very welcome! You should build one it's good for ones soul !


    2 years ago

    This is too cute! These would be great for Ren faires or reenactments. Nice job. Very cozy and fun. Congrats!

    Sorry but I'm not quite figuring out how you attached the box frame to the harbor freight wagon.

    1 reply

    There's holes in the frame rails that I put inch and a half carriage bolts through. Hope that helps .


    2 years ago

    What are the king pins for and where do they go?