H-TAR5 (Heavy Tactical Assault Rifle 5)

About: My names John,I've been building with knex for 5 years And am currently working on a lever action tube fed shotgun =D

This is one of my most recent creations. The HTAR-5 is very slightly based on the sr25. It features two tactical rails on the top and bottem that allow the addition of red dot sights,scopes,bayonets,grenade launchers and anything else you can think of. Another feature of this gun is the flip up sights and five round short mag that can easily be extended. This gun has a very long pin pull which is allowing it to get 55-60 ft. Tell me what you think should be changed,or any addons you would like to see on this =D

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Daaamn that is an awesome gun! It only resembles me of Raikou-San's MK3000, you got your inspiration from there?

    3 replies

    NICE! It kinda reminds me of a mix of some of my guns. A little bit of my TUB, some of my ISSC MK 22, a part or two of my RMACR, etc...
    Attach a scope and a fake barrel and it would look like a tactical SR.

    3 replies

    Thanks,the fake barrel has been something I've been thinking about adding to it. As of adding a scope,Im working on finding a good scope,bipod and grenade launcher to add to it =D