At one end of my bedroom/garage I have my guitars (and Ukulele and Balalaika) hung up on a wall, along with my effects, amps, and keyboard. There is my swivelly Fender bar stool next to the back of my desk. My desk has my used-as-a-desktop laptop (Toshiba Satellite) facing that way, hooked up to an external touch screen (Packard Bell) also next to my portable netbook (Asus EeePC), both facing the other way. This is next to my little table with a whiteboard on it - my soldering workspace. Next to this is my TV, normally on Dave, hooked up to an old desktop for iPlaying and On Demand-ing. Finally, next to my bed is an old filing cabinet - top draw, parts, bottom draw, tools. On top there is a paper pad and pen for late-night brainwaves.

Not pictured, but under my desk is a supply of cardboard, some wired electronics I plan to use (there are some I plan to cut up under the sink), my printer, and my discs.

This guide won't be accurate soon as this is constantly evolving, but that's not a bad thing.

Not the best, but it does for me!

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