HACKED!: Flickering Light Bulb for Halloween




Introduction: HACKED!: Flickering Light Bulb for Halloween

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It is time to scare your friends. In this project I will show you how I "hacked" a normal led light bulb. This way it will flicker like the lights in every horror movie when something bad is about to happen. It is a pretty simple build if you have some experiences with electronics.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video already give you all the information to get this build right. But I will cover the most important ones once again.

Step 2: Order Your Parts!

Step 3: Build the Circuit!

Here are the two schematics that I created during this project. The first one is just a quick test with an Arduino Uno. The second one on the other hand is my final design which will later control the led bulb.

Step 4: Program the ΜC!

Here are the two Arduino sketches that I created. The first one is only the test code. The other one is made for the Attiny85.

Step 5: Success!

And there you go. Now you can scare your friends with your own flickering light bulb.
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    7 Discussions

    How can I modify this to work with a 120V north american LED bulb?

    1 reply

    I think you only have to measure the voltage of the leds and buy the correct MOSFET

    The ATTiny powers up with a voltage regulator, the 7805, so check that the led's voltage fits on the regulator voltage range

    Where did you get the large plastic "cracked" bulb from?

    That's very clever, I like you used a random function, it couldn't be any closer to a real flickering lamp. Be careful with the Chinese lightbulbs though, some of them are authentic death traps.

    Последовательная схема с простым лампы


    also, you can use a neon light transformer to do the same effect, if you arent a tech savy person!