Instructable for those who want to make Halloween Shapes by using a Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine.

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Step 1: 1. Design

1. In this specific design, the pictures were drawn using Autocad. You can download free images and copy them or you can also use your own imagination.  Three layers were created in three different colours:
- Red: Cut
- Blue: Engrave
- Yellow: A rectangle with the shape of the Laser Machine which will eventually be used to cut and engrave the shapes.

Step 2: 2. Save As .dxf.

2. Save.  To make easier the printing, this work will be printed from Rhinoceros, instead of from Autocad. That is why the file will be saved in .dxf format.

Step 3: 3. Open Your File in Rhinoceros

3.1. Once opened Rhinoceros , the previous .dxf file must be opened (File->Import). 

3.2. The drawings should appear now.

Step 4: 4. Configure the Printing (I)

4.1. Press File-Print

4.2. Configurate Printing:
· Printer: Epilog Engraver Win 32
· Size: Custom size
· Horizontal / Vertical: In this case, it was Vertical
· Vectorial

Step 5: 5. Configure the Printing (II). Color Mapping.

5.1. Characteristics. General
· Options: AutoFocus
· Job Type: Vector
· Piece Size: 610x305mm

5.2. These pieces have been made by Color Mapping:

· Blue (0,0,255):  Speed: 100
                               Power: 20                                    
                               Freq.: 590

· Red (255,0,0):   Speed: 80
                                Power: 40          
                                Freq.: 590

· Yellow (255,255,0):   Speed: 50       Raster: NO
                                          Power: 50      Vector: NO       
                                          Freq.: 10         Air Assist.: NO

The order of the colors will be the same as they will finally be printed. 

Step 6: 6. Configure the Printing (III)

6.1. View. Plan view. Move.
6.2. Now, you will see a grey rectangle (610x305). You will have to move it to cover the drawings, so as to select them.
6.3. Scale 100%: 1:1
6.3. Grosor y tipo de línea: Trazo fino.

Step 7: 7. Print!

7. Press "Print".

Step 8: 8. See the Results!

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