Introduction: HAPPY DAYS_ LED Lamp

About: I am a qualified Industrial Designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and UK Citizen. I currently am working as a researcher, Industrial Design Lecturer, and direct a registered Industrial Design Company.

This is an energy efficient lamp designed as a collaborative project between Illustrator David Blatch, and myself Martin Bolton, a Product Designer.

The idea behind this lamp was to create a witty, yet functional lamp which uses low amounts of energy during use, as well as utilises within its construction - items which are not longer used for their intended function. This is a form of up-cycling as well as ‘life after primary function’. The basic structure of the lamp is a High Power LED powered housed by a standard exterior light fitting and glass housing. The primary function of the utilised Nokia cellphone charger was to charge a cellphone approximately 6 years ago. The charger now has life after performing its primary function. The plug needed to be cut off, and the wires attached to the LED circuitry within the bottom of the lamp. The clear glass lampshade of this light was found in a rubble pile, cleaned up and set aside. The light source is a high power 1W LED (standard purchase component) which is powered by the cell-phone charger which is able to provide a suitable amount of power to the LED. This is another lighting design testing applications of low voltage LEDs, similar to the 30 Bottles Sitting on the Wall. The circuitry is fastened to a mounting plate attached to a standard light fitting one would normally mount against an outside wall. The glass shade was sandblasted on the inside, to matt the surface and in turn allowing for the light emitted from the light to diffuse beneath the designed graphic.

The illustration was designed by David, who named the lamp Happy Days. David was asked to contribute with the graphics of the shade, the only restriction being a single colour graphic which was to be cut from black vinyl sheeting.

“Martin approached me with the idea for a colab a while ago. And his ideas are always cool, in a sense that they are focused on improving the lives of people that need it most; so I was more than amped to get involved. I wanted to create something that would keep people motivated and happy. In hard times, positivity can make such a difference to people’s lives, no matter how big or small. The lamp would become a part of a families environment and so what better to have around than a constant smile, beaming out for everyone to see.” David Blatch 2011.

This design is suited to batch manufactured, however the lampshades would be purchased as opposed to scouring rubble piles throughout Jozi. Design variations will also be attempted with various energy efficient light sources such as CFL lightbulbs. If you would be interested in purchasing one, please contact Jozi Design and be ready for the first batch

Visit http://www.jozidesign.co.za/products_happydays_light.html

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    cool.like.like. . .save much energy yet stay cool and trendy.great idea sir.