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Firstly, we want a stable simple motor as a part of edutainment (for our officemates or anyone).

Step 1: We Need Copper Wire

If non-enamel type, we need extra cell-o-tape to cover certain part to avoid 'touching' hot stuff.

Step 2: Strong Neo Magnet/super Magnet

Magnet, and just a magnet. The strong one, neo or anything similar. We need this one, 'close encounter' type of tech...

Step 3: Battery, AA or AAA Size

We need an AA or AAA battery. Just one.

Step 4: Certain Shape of Curve Using the Copper Wire

Almost it can done. We need an extra recycling one, top of the plastic lid. Please make a hole for stability of the motion later.

Step 5: Display of the Demonstration for Edutainment

It's for certain fans or mates, class projects anyone.

Thanks from acherusctus

acherusctus.blogspot.com (my blogs plus the other two blogs)



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