HD Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Photoshop

Introduction: HD Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Photoshop

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Hey Guys, in today's tutorial we're going to learn some easy Photo Manipulation Techniques in Adobe Photoshop. You can learn how to blend lighting using curves and add a custom background to your images.

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Step 1: HD Photo Manipulation Techniques in Photoshop - Written Tutorial

Drag and drop the image you are going to use into Adobe Photoshop, create a duplicate of the image by pressing Ctrl & J on your keyboard. If you do not have an image that has a transparent background then select the Quick Selection Tool in the Tools list and cut out the image. If you are unsure of how to remove a background in Photoshop then here is a tutorial that will help.

Remove a Background in Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NacLx98gmdU&lc=z12nyjsgdniodt15h04cjzvjkxvkwzn5qzo0k

Always be sure to save the image as a .PNG file to ensure the background remains transparent. Now you have your image so create three new layers in the layer panel. Select the Paint Bucket Tool and select the color black and fill the layer with black. Drag this layer to the bottom by left clicking and holding and dragging below your base image. Now turn off the front image layer so you are left with a black background and select the layer above. Press B on the keyboard to select the Brush Tool, in the top panel or the brush size options and select a really soft edged brush. Now change the brush size to large by using the brackets under the plus and return keys on the keyboard. Left click and make the brush size two sizes smaller and repeat until a light effect is achieved in the center.

Now hide this layer and select the top empty layer, go back to your brush menu in the top left , and you will see a cog in the top right of the brush menu. Click the cog and load in your custom brushes. If you are unsure of how to load custom brushes into Photoshop then here is a tutorial to help you.

Install Custom Paint Brush into Photoshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB7uGAtsQSw&list=UULub44i5kP9spMqFRGE1f-A

Choose your new custom brush and make an imprint on the left hand side of the black background and adjust the opacity to darken the image so it looks as if it is being affected by the light effect we made on the previous layer. Adjust your layers accordingly so the light is at the back followed by the ink splatter and the transparent image at the front. Make a new layer on top and by using the brush tool hold alt and left click on a color within the front image to color match the whole project accordingly. In the bottom left of the image add an ink splatter on a new layer on the top. Do a similar splatter behind the image using another color.

To make a colored light, first select the Brush Tool and grab a color in the same way as before, in the brush menu select a really soft edged brush and left click on the area you wish to make a light but start big and build your way in decreasing the brush size twice each time. As you reduce the brush size move the color further towards white each time to add shine.

Show all layers then go over to Image, Adjustments, Curves in the top panel to add the final photo manipulation effect to each layer, i would recommend using the Curves settings in the layer panel as this will adjust the image as a whole (Adjustment Layers, next to layer mask in the bottom right.) This will blend the images together by making the whites brighter and the dark colors darker by adjusting the controls either upwards or downwards in curve.

Custom Brushes Download Link


You have Now Completed the Easy HD Photo Manipulation Techniques in Photoshop Tutorial!

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